Reiki & Sound Healing

Sound Healing


A Soundbath is the ultimate experience of self care.

I use a variety of instruments including Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes,  Crystal Singing Pyramid & Bell whilst you relax with your eyes closed as you embark on the journey of Sound Healing.

You may experience different things, some people feel warmth, others see colours, some may feel a sense of release, relaxation, comfort, peace and overall wellbeing.

Whatever you feel is your mind and body responding to the soundwaves, embrace it and let it work it's magic!


Benefits of Sound Therapy

- Reduces pain and anxiety

- Helps with Insomnia

- Promotes relaxation

- Opens and balances Chakras

- Helps to release old traumas

- Relaxes the mind and body 

- Reduces stress


Benefits of Sound Massage

- Decreases pain

- Slows heart rate & blood pressure

- Improves reproductive system

- Relaxes muscles

- Reduces stress

- Aids overall wellbeing