Reiki & Sound Healing

Reiki Healing

Originating from Japan as far back as 1922, Reiki is a healing technique in which the Therapist can enhance the emotional and physical wellbeing of the client, via channeling energy through touch as well as non contact. Many people find the treatment calming, relaxing and uplifting. With this in mind - it can really  benefit your overall wellbeing and promote complete relaxation.

The body is made up of seven main Chakras - these are your energy centres. You can often experience Chakra blockages relating to both physical and emotional experiences such as trauma, illness and dis-ease. Reiki flows to the parts where it is needed most, in order to heal and balance your Chakras, charging your energy field with positive energy.

During your Reiki treatment you may experience a variety of feelings such as deep relaxation, vibrational sensations, floating and much more. With Reiki, each persons experience differs. Many people fall asleep due to the deep state of relaxation, waking up after a short time, feeling like they have been asleep for many hours -  one hour of Reiki treatment is the equivalent of a few hours sleep. It is important to take some moments to wake up completely and stay hydrated afterwards. This can be a perfect experience for those who struggle to relax and completely switch off from everyday life.