Reiki & Sound Healing


Welcome to my wellness kingdom!

Since being on my journey of self healing and spiritual growth, my life has changed immensely -  it has improved, been challenged and most importantly inspired others to do the same.

I have embraced becoming a Reiki Master and Sound Massage Therapist. I have been inspired to learn more and show others a new way of living. 

It mainly commenced when I had my Reiki attunement. My Reiki Master told me that my life would begin to change in major ways and at first I may not understand or even appreciate these changes, but in order for me to grow and flourish I would just have to totally trust in the Universe and the process. So, that is exactly what I did - I trusted my journey, even at times when I was unsure as to why the Universe was challenging me in such ways. My journey will never end, because I accept the path set out for me, I am constantly learning, closing old doors and opening new doors. 

There is no wrong or right when it comes to wellness -  you have to do what works for you. It could be carrying some crystals with you, burning that white sage, going for that walk, meditating for five minutes or even having that candlelit bath. Whatever makes you feel good is what you have to do for yourself and always remember you cannot pour from an empty cup!

Kaz x